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More Colas by Trimming

Can one plant have more than one cola? It’s been Prove many times that it can be done. It’s actually very easy and straightforward. By pruning the plant the right way and the right time you can get up to 4 big colas.

What exactly is a cola? That’s easy. Cola is Spanish for tail, and is how the long thick buds that the plant produces are referred to. You won’t see them on every plant, but some will have giants. If you’re growing as a hobby I recommend trying to get some big ones as they are more impressive.

If you want the biggest colas possible you’ll probably do better growing single ones. Some gardeners feel that more cola means more yields, however, and they have a point. There are two methods to get multiple colas – training and trimming. We’ll talk about trimming in this article.

By trimming I mean pinching off the central stem near the top of the plant. This is a time honored gardening technique. It’s a very common practice. If you’ve ever grown fuchsias, for example, you know that if you pinch off the growing tips while the plant is young you’ll get way more flowers. This technique also works with plants that you want to develop more branches. You can keep a plant that would normally grow tall small and bushy.

There are two ways to pinch off this type of plant. You get a slightly different outcome with each technique. Each technique has its fans. You can try both and make up your own mind about which you prefer.

Starts by letting the plant develop a few nodes. A node is where the plant branches out. The plant has a main growing stem, from which it throws out pairs of branches. The growing tip continues to grow up the center between each set of branches.

If you let the plant get a few sets of nodes and then pinch off the center stem just over a node, it will stop growing in the center and instead send out two even sprouts on each side of the pinched off center node. These will then grow as if the plant had two main stems. Each will keep shooting off branches and leaves as they grow, but the two new shoots will be the dominant branches.

You can do this different ways. If you like, you can just keep pinching off any central shoot that you see. You’ll get lots of little buds, but no huge colas. Or, you can pinch less. One way will create 2 big colas, and the other will create 4. Either way, you should get some big ones.

The first method requires you to wait until the plant has developed five or six nodes. You cut off the main stem leaving two nice healthy nodes below. You’ll get new stems from where you cut the stem as well as from the node below that. Two sets of new stems means 4 colas. The second way is to pinch the plant off one node lower. That will only leave one good inter node to sprout. Two sprouts equal two colas.

What happens if you wait until the plant is taller and then pinch the stem at the 10th node? Do you get even more colas? The answer is yes, but the colas are smaller. Small colas aren’t worth calling colas. They’re buds, and that’s all. They still work, mind you, and will perhaps increase overall yield. The thing is that clipping the stem manipulates the plant’s hormones. You can’t go too far before it stops working. Too much pruning will get lots of small buds, not lots of huge colas.

That’s basically it. Growers argue about which technique will produce more bud, but it’s very hard to get a true answer on this. There are too many other inputs that can vary. Remember, light also plays a huge role. If you have all the light coming from above it won’t reach lower parts of the plant as well as it reaches higher parts. The lower buds will suffer as a result. Two or four buds will tend to get a balanced amount of light and do well. As they start growing they’ll also tend to spread apart and let light into the center of the plant (and as a result get lower into the plant, letting more of it get light energy). Besides, the goal is good production and fun, not absolute maximum possible yield. Have fun with it, and don’t forget – you can root the cutting that you pinch off and have another plant for more experimentation!

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