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This Is How I Use These Funny Weed T-Shirts To Help My Efforts Toward Legalization

I am a super proponent of the legalization and the decriminalization of the cannabis plant in my home state. I work day in and day out organizing efforts, writing emails, and maintaining a website dedicated to political efforts towards legalization. What really confuses both my friends and my political enemies, is that I go to great pains to keep my appearance that of your standard, couch-surfing pot smoker…even though I refuse to use cannabis until it is finally legal. I have the dreadlocks, funny weed t-shirts, and everything.

There are critics of mine who say that my appearance is a bit too much like that of a degenerate pot smoker for me to have any kind of impact politically when I wear my funny weed t-shirts. They believe that if I want to be taken seriously about this very serious subject, then I should conduct myself with a bit more professionalism. Basically, if I look like a failure then I must be a failure.

Well, my rebuttal is fairly simple. Wearing funny weed t-shirts on a daily basis might make me seem like a standard, cloudy-headed pothead on the outside…but it helps far more than it detracts. The most basic way that it helps is that it completely disarms people who want to debate the issue with me.

Comedy is always somewhat disarming. That’s why the best political debaters in the world have a great sense of humor! When someone sees me in these funny weed t-shirts, they shoehorn me into a classification that historically doesn’t do well with debates or confrontation. That’s all well and good, but they’re going to be in for a real shock when they try to give me a negative comment about marijuana.

Another great thing that my funny weed t-shirts do for me, is it leaves a lasting impression. Most people who wear these shirts will only wear them around their friends who are also into using cannabis. It takes a special person to wear them to, say, the grocery store. I like to think that I have that kind of courage. When your everyday, normal person sees someone wearing a pot shirt they will remember it. When marijuana becomes a household word, we will have won the war.

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