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The Virus Rabies Can Cause Dog Seizures

The Virus Rabies Can Cause Dog Seizures
Are you a dog owner? If so, are you aware of medical conditions that cause dog seizures? Every owner needs to know the medical problems that can arise in their pet. What are some causes of seizures in dogs and can they be prevented? When you know for sure, you are better able to prevent them from happening.

There are different types of seizures in dogs. Some are mild while others are severe. A severe seizure is described as a ‘Grand Mal’. There are multiple causes for mild and severe seizures in dogs. Taking the time to learn what you can about how to know when your dog is having a seizure and what to do in the event of one is important.

A seizure occurs when the brain’s nerves begin to misfire. This is sign that there is a neurological problem going on. Keep in mind that a seizure is a symptom of some other medical issue and it is not a disease on its own. When one occurs, you are going to be dealing with an additional issue including the seizure.Keeping up with regular vet care helps to prevent some illnesses that could bring on a seizure.

When there is a problem with your dog’s liver, you may end up seeing a seizure occur. One liver disorder called hepatic encephalopathy has seizures as a symptom. When you take your pet for regular check ups to the vet, this disease can be caught when the dog is young. The older dog with an advanced case exhibits abnormal brain functioning and behavior.

When you have dogs vaccinated, one of the viruses vaccinated against is called canine distemper. This virus can causes dogs to have seizures as well. One other vaccine you get every year for a dog is for protection against a serious brain virus called rabies. Rabies attacks the brain and cause many neurological malfunctions including seizures.

When your dog has been poisoned, seizures are going to happen. You would be surprised at how many pets are poisoned every year just in the United States. Make sure to keep up poisonous substances that could harm your dog, especially antifreeze. Animals are attracted to to the taste of antifreeze because it is sweet. In fact, many vets can diagnose this type of poisoning by smelling the breath of the animal.

When brain tumors form in the dog’s brain, seizures will happen. However. The placement of the tumor will determine the severity of the seizure. Some dogs that have been hit by a car or hit in the head by an abusive owner also have seizures. Head trauma is a sure cause of these scary episodes.

Dog seizures are scary and when an owner does not expect it or know what to do, it can be a frightening experience. If a dog has any type of medical problem that may include the symptoms of seizures, make sure you talk to your vet about what to in the event of one happening. The biggest thing to remember is to remain calm and immediately call your vet.

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