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Feminized cannabis seeds: reasons for success

Feminized cannabis seeds: reasons for success


It is not unusual to see on web sites that sell cannabis seeds legally, where they will advertise feminized seeds along with their products. Not only that, it will be typically 2-3 times the price of regular seeds. So the next obvious question is, why would somebody want to buy something that costs much more? The answer is simple, feminized seeds guarantee a female cannabis crop. Why this obsession towards female crops?

Well there are two genders for marijuana plants like some other species of plants. The male plant will also grow flowers which will in turn fertilize the female plants, which will produce seeds. If you were to buy an ordinary pack of seeds, it will be a mix of both male and female plants. You will not know for sure until you plant them and they start growing into adult plants. The way how feminine seeds are produced is, they “shock” the plants with a special solution called a silver solution, this will “force” the plants to produce only feminized seeds, that will in turn grow up to be female plants.

There are two main reasons why growers want the female plants. Firstly the male plants will not produce enough THC which is the active compound that makes marijuana desirable to users. It is the female plants that have high amounts of THC, therefore making it a much more desired and valued as a crop. Secondly if you grow a mixture of male and female plants, you will have to identify the male plants as quickly as possible, before they fertilize the female plants. The reason this is crucial is because once the female plants are fertilized, the buds will grow smaller and will start to produce seeds. If they are not fertilized, that means the buds will grow bigger, and therefore more useful for the grower.

So the next time you grow a crop, you will not have to deal with the headache of identifying the male plants and can have the peace of mind knowing that they will all grow up to be large bud producing female plants.


Paco Lanciato is a cannabis seeds breeder of the Ministry of Cannabis

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